Liposuction For Lipedema

After officially getting diagnosed with both Lymphedema and Lipedema 3 years ago, I immediately started researching treatment. During my search, I was introduced to Dr. Shapira. Meeting Dr. Shapira and his staff, I knew immediately I was in the right hands. Dr. Shapira spent a few hours with me on my first initial visit. He was very thorough. Dr. Shapira is very knowledgeable, kind, caring and compassionate. With Dr. Shapira and his team, I was able to have all of my procedures done and covered by my insurance. I wouldn't have gotten this far without them. As of today, I am exactly 3 months post op from my last procedure. I'm getting a life back that I've only dreamed to have.

Cathy S.- Maryland

Dr. Shapira and his compassionate staff changed my life. Pain from lipedema and Dercum's Disease was keeping me from living a normal life. As an active woman, the decreased mobility was impacting my life physically and emotionally. After nearly 8 years of conservative treatments, I began to seek lipo treatment. I became discouraged with my options until I met Dr. Shapira. I knew immediately he was MY surgeon. Nearly a year after my first surgery, I am happy to say I made the right decision! The First State Lipedema team is amazing and I am so grateful to have found them.

Shannon R.- California

I am a lipedema patient and recently underwent a WAL procedure. The staff at the First State Lipedema are among the greatest group of medical professionals I have ever worked with. Especially a member of the team that really works behind the scene, Stephanie. She is an absolute angel. Being a patient herself gives her great insight into the stressors and concerns of such a large surgery. Her compassion, warm personality and commitment to Dr. Shapira’s patients can be felt in every interaction had with her. She is on-call via text, phone, and email to accomplish her mission to support each and every lipedema patient she can. I cannot say enough about her. My journey to comfort from lipedema would not be the same without her.

Teresa E.- Baltimore, MD

Dr. Shapira and his staff are the most caring and committed team that I have ever met! Dr. Shapira is very busy, but still took the time to make me feel like I was his only patient. I had a skype consult with him and immediately felt his concern and desire to help me. He worked tirelessly to help me get my insurance to cover the surgeries, and it took a year, but in the end we succeeded! When I flew out to Delaware and met Dr. Shapira and his staff, they were all so welcoming and professional. When I went out for my second surgery, it was like seeing family! Plus, I don’t think I have ever met a more committed doctor for a disease that so many medical personnel sweep under the rug as being overweight. I owe getting my life back to the Dr. Shapira and his staff!

Kari- Wisconsin

This last year has been life-changing for me. From puberty on, I always struggled with my weight and have always hated the way I looked. I was an athlete in my high school and college years but had to work REALLY hard to maintain a healthy weight. As the years progressed, after having 2 children, and after becoming perimenopausal, my weight reached an all-time high, but worse than that, my quality of life was severely impacted. I was no longer an athlete. As a matter of fact, I had become almost completely immobile. I was in constant pain and could barely walk without the use of a cane or walker. I convinced myself that I was going to spend my future years confined to a wheelchair. I spent years trying to understand what might be wrong with me. I saw numerous doctors and had many tests run. Last year, when diagnosed with Lymphedema, I started researching and learned about Lipedema. I was fortunate to learn about Dr. Shapira’s specialty in dealing with this unique disease, so I quickly called to schedule an appointment, searching for a diagnosis and plan of care.

What a blessing that turned out to be. From that initial contact to today, I have been so pleased with the care I have received. I have never met a more caring doctor, and the staff have been outstanding. I did, in fact, receive that diagnosis of Lipedema and started with a conservative approach to care. I changed my diet; I purchased compression hose; I started with weekly MLD sessions; I purchased a whole-body vibration unit; and I ordered a Flexi-Touch compression pump. About 7 months ago, I had my first WAL surgery, and to date, have had 4. Although I have one more surgery to go, I have felt such a drastic improvement in how I feel. I am able to walk with no assistance. I no longer have pain in my knees, hips, ankles, or lower back. I am not as sensitive to touch. I have become active again and am looking forward to becoming the athlete I once was.

I owe it all to Dr. Shapira and his team of caring professionals. Dr. Shapira gave me my life back, and I will be forever grateful.

Cathy C.- Maryland

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Lipedema Stage 2/3 with Lipo-lymphedema. I have had three total knee replacements, both feet mid-foot bone fusion, both shoulders with rotator cuff tears, and multiple bone fractures. Then came a condition called osteitis pubis with significant bone erosion. The pain was so severe that in November 2016 I could barely walk and when I did it was only short distances. The only solution was for a trauma surgeon to attempt pelvic bone fusion with the recovery being three months in a wheelchair with only moving for transfers. The worst part is that the surgery was less than 50% successful. Time to take another look at this Lipedema disease. In February 2017, I began interviewing and/or consulting with doctors who treated lipedema. I attended the 2016 FDRS conference in Salt Lake City, and finalized my decision that I would have surgery with Dr. Nadiv Shapira. He wasn’t the closest to me, nor was he the least expensive, but I felt that his qualifications, his attention to detail, his knowledge of this horrible disease, his compassion and his training, made him the absolute best surgeon for me. Dr. Shapira didn’t rush into scheduling WAL for me, but analyzed in detail my health conditions and together with me we put together a plan to prepare for surgery which included continuing on the KETO diet to reduce weight as much as I could, not because he required me to lose weight but because he wanted the best outcome for me and the best possible recovery path. His patient coordinator, Stephanie, worked with me to explain all the details of what I could expect, how the planning and scheduling would go, what I needed to pack, how long surgery would take, etc., and answered hundreds of questions! She took away tons of anxiety and I went to my first procedure prepared (as much as I could be for the unknown). Now that I am a couple of months post op from my first WAL and have completed four WAL procedures, I have to say I am completely satisfied with my choice of physician. Dr. Shapira studies my chart prior to every visit and checks and re-checks the details to ensure that he doesn’t miss any important details. He is continually studying and learning how to help people with Lipedema. I only expected some pain relief and some improved mobility. Currently, my lipedema pain is gone! Some of the pain I thought was arthritis was lipedema pain and is now gone. Severe back pain is gone, severe pelvic pain is gone. And an added bonus, I have been blessed with cosmetic improvements and much improved mobility with gait improvement. I can assure you that you will never find a more talented, compassionate surgeon whose staff all share the same caring characteristics. Dr. Shapira is not in a hurry. He is there to "SERVE" his patients and does his surgery as a servant! What a Blessing! I will be forever thankful to Dr. Shapira and his amazing staff.

Janet H.- S. Carolina

I am amazed by how caring and thorough Dr. Shapira is in preparing his patients for their future surgeries. Twice now he's spent at least an hour consulting me and every bit of it is helpful information that will allow me to move forward in the best possible way for my situation. Stephanie is also extremely thorough and responsive in helping get the administrative parts together so that we can submit to my insurer in the best shape for them to consider covering my surgery as medically necessary.

Stacy M.- Michigan

Dr. Shapira was very kind and thorough. He validated what has been a lifelong battle for me and outlined a plan. I am relieved and confident after visiting Dr. Shapira.

Andrea R.- New York

I was very impressed with everyone in the office and most impressed with Dr. Shapira. He took his time with me, explaining everything and answering all my questions. He really cares. The office staff went out of their way to make me feel welcomed.

Joy A.- New York

Dr. Shapira has been enormously helpful in the process of getting insurance coverage for my lipedema treatment. I am so grateful that he has taken on this service since there are so few providers in the U.S. doing the WAL procedure. I had my 1st WAL yesterday and the process went extremely well. I am a nurse practitioner and have researched this condition and its treatment extensively. I also understand how the medical system works and what can typically be expected. I give Dr. Shapira and his staff an excellent rating!

Deborah L.- Pennsylvania

Dr. Shapira was extremely thorough, kind and very knowledgeable regarding lipedema. He immediately made me feel at ease although I was very nervous. Staff has been courteous and responsive to my questions or comments. I will pursue WAL with Dr. Shapira. I felt that I would be well cared for with his staff and with him.

Sharon D.- Ohio